Thursday, October 11, 2012


"Slow down...we have all night. Please, tell me what you are wearing...describe every little detail." I took a deep breath in before she began. Surrounded by the warm scent of vanilla eminating from her body, I relaxed in my bed and waited for her whispers.
"Red dress...thin," she began in the soft little voice of hers. She moved closer to me as she spoke, but still too far away. "silky smooth dress tight against my body."
"The dress I left for you on the couch?"
"Yes...I love it by the way. It's perfect...I love how good my breasts look in this was made just for me."
"Yes, it was...and the shoes...did you find them?"
"Incredible heels...perfect match. I'm curious though," her voice paused...her heart beating faster...whisper drawing nearer. "Why did you want me to get dressed, only to turn around and undress?"
 "It's dificult to explain...but simply put, I wanted to see you." Her feet shuffled in the carpet, moving her closer to me. "You smell beautiful. Can I touch you?"
"Of course Mark. I don't want you to wait another minute. Where do you want me? Should I stand...sit down next to you...lay down..."
I held out both hands, palms up waiting for her touch. Her fingertips touched mine and immediately made my breath stop. She slid her hands over mine then let me pull her closer to me. "You are a stunning woman Rose. I can feel it...hear it...smell it...absolutely intoxicating."
 "Your hands are so soft Mark." She knelt down in front of me, stil holding my hands...her fingers still playing with mine. "Can you see me now?"
 She pulled my hands around her body, letting me enjoy her curves as she moved my hands over her belly, then over her breasts. With her fingers over mine, she squeezed her breasts for minute or so before going any further.
 "So when do I get to touch you?" She asked, letting my hands go while she placed both her hands on my knees, gently spreading my legs as she moved her body closer to mine. I listened to her breathing as she drew her lips closer to mine. "Please don't make me wait much longer. I don't know if I can take it much longer."
 My fingers found the thing straps holding the dress on her body, and slowly slid them down her arms. Again I found my fingers wrapped around her soft full breasts, squeezing gently...fingertips playing with her nipples while I enjoyed her warm breath on my cheeks.
 "What about your hair?" I asked and turned my head towards lips almost touching hers.
 "See for yourself," she whispered back, this time kissing me softly before I could stop her. "I'm sorry. I couldn't stop myself. You make me feel..." she paused for a few seconds, then slid her tongue between my lips and kissed me again, longer this time. "You just make me feel."
 "I just wasn't expecting this," I began, caught off guard. "This was experiment sort of."
 "I know, and I think our little experiment is going quite well." Her hands snuck down between my legs while her tongue distracted me even further. "Mmmm...Mark...I guess I should say our big experiment." Her fingers squeezed my dick through my pants, stroking my already hard cock as she felt it growing harder in her hands.
I pulled her dress all the way down to the floor and relaxed into the couch as she kissed me deeper, letting my tongue slide against hers as I slid my arms around her body. So many things I wanted to say, but couldn't. So many images flashing through my mind as i ran my hands down her back and over her ass, enjoying every little curve...enjoying every new sensation in my body.
"Do you want to..." she whispered in my ear, her fingers already pulling my belt off.
"Yes," I quickly answered, finally able to speak again. "Please, yes."
I held her body against mine, kissing her harder...longer...losing myself completely with her, not know where this was going but dying to find out. She slid down my body and onto the floor at my fee, slowly pulling at my pants until I picked up my hips and let them come off.
"That's better...You have no idea how many time I've dreamed of getting you naked Mark, but you have always been...well, untouchable. Now look at you...all mine...all night long. Speaking of all mine..." she quickly moved back between my legs, her hands spreading them wide as her long curls draped over my crotch and I felt her hot breath engulf my cock...her mouth open just above me...teasing.
I raised my hips slowly, letting her head stay still for a few minutes as I moved up and down gently beneath her, letting her lips barely touch the tip of my cock a few times. She slid her tongue down to meet my cock as i pushed up a little higher, letting her tongue roll all around my cock before she slowly moved down on me.
"MMMMm", she moaned as she pushed her head down harder against my cock, slowly taking me in deeper down her throat. "Such...a...beautiful..." she whispered as she slide me in and out of her mouth in between each word, "'s all...mine."
"Rose," I tried to speak, but only managed to mumble her name, ""
"Shhhh, don't say a word Mark...just let us...experiment."
She continued loving my cock in a way I've never experienced before and had no idea was possible. She ran her tongue down the length of my cock then her lips wrapped around my balls as her small hands wrapped around my cock. She began twisting and turning as she pumped my cock faster and faster, her mouth still gently sucking on my balls. The wet sounds of my cock in her hands filled the room as she moved faster and faster.
I curled her hair around my fingers as I ran my hands through her hair, enjoying every little movement she made as she slid my cock back in her wet mouth. She slid me down slowly for a minute, then let me fuck her mouth fast and hard, only to stop and slow down again. The anticipation building stronger and stronger until I couldn't hold it back any longer.
"Get up here Rose..." I whispered and reached down for her. I slid my hands under her arms and pulled her body up against mine. I felt her sweet breath on my face again as she grabbed my cock and held me against her pussy.
"Hold still," she whispered and held my hands against her breasts as she slid down on my cock nice and slow. "How's that? Does it feel good?"
"Oh my god are..." She held her finger up to my lips to stop me, then began unbuttoning my shirt.
"Just think Mark, it only gets better." She pulled my shirt open and pressed her body against mine, her hot naked body against my chest...her lips against mine...tongue kissing mine.
I reached behind her and held her body tight against mine as she began fucking me faster. My left hand held her close while my right hand slid down over her ass...enjoying her ass bouncing on my cock...imagining what we might look like together.
 "Mark...keep fucking my fucking good..." her voice growing louder and louder as she picked up speed. She held my arms down with her hands and held her body over mine, taking complete control...her hips grinding on my cock faster and harder. "Mmmmm...I love your cock does it feel?"
 "I...don't...can't...just keep fucking me...keep squeezing my cock with your...pussy...whatever your incredible."
Her hair brushed against my cheek as she held her face over mine while she continued riding my cock fast and hard...her heart pounding against my chest. Her hips begin slamming against me harder with each thrust. "Fuck...almost Mark...I'm gonna cum...keep fucking me..." She screamed out as she squeezed my cock and fucked me faster and faster. She pulled her back in one quick motion and pulled my fingers up to her wet pussy, rubbing her clit with my fingertips fast and hard as she moved up and down on my cock. "That's it...keep rubbing my clit...I'm almost...Oh Shit...damn...oh my god...don't stop." She screamed out one more time and pushed my hand hard against her clit as I felt her warm juices soak my hand.
 Her body stopped on top of cock rock hard and ready to explode any second now..."That was amazing Mark. Can you...can you cum inside me now? Are you ready?"
 "Yes...very ready." I pulled her back down on top of me and grabbed her ass with both my hands. I began sliding every inch of my cock in and out of her tight wet pussy while one hand moved down between her cheeks, touching my wet cock as it fucked her. I kept one finger on my cock as I burried it deep inside her pussy over and over again...faster...harder. "I'm close."
"Give it to me...all of it...harder...cum inside me." Rose whispered in my ear over and over again.
 The sound of her voice...the smell of her body...her wet skin against mine...her every little curve of her body on top of me...dizzying...toe body growing week, but I couldn't stop...couldn't slow down..."Close...I'm almost...Oh Rose..." I let out just before I felt my cock cum hard inside her. All the years of waiting...dreaming...imaging...all let loose at that very moment inside her.
 "Don't stop Mark...keep fucking me," she giggled and began slamming her pussy on my cock fast and hard again, my cock shooting my hot stream deep inside her over and over until finally I sank into bed beneath her and tried to catch my breath.
 "Oh my god Rose...what the hell was that? I had no idea." Rose fell in bed next to me and wrapped her body up close to mine. "I had no idea that was possible...I didn't know sex could be that good...I didn't know anything could be that good."
 "That was better than sex," she whispered back to me and kissed my cheek. Her hands contined playing with my cock as she kissed me again and again. "That was amazing Mark. There is just something about you...the way you touch to you make me feel. You are just so very different than other guys...especially younger guys. Younger guys just want to get in and out and never call you again...but you're not like that are you?"
 "No Rose, I'm definitely not like that. In fact, I want to get back in again." I felt my cock getting hard in her hand again and couldn't wait to try a different position.
" this is why I love younger men." she begain stroking my wet cock getting me harder with each touch. "I wish you could see the smile on my face right now. You have now idea how long I've waited for us to do this. You have no idea how incredible you made me feel today."
"I wish I could see your face too Rose, but at least I'm able to still touch you, smell you, feel your body against mine...and more importantly still fuck you."
"Speaking of which, hurry up and get behind me."

Copyright 2012 Damian Santiago

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