Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Boutique Fétiche


 I couldn't remember the last time I walked to work.  Ever since I learned the bus route, it's been a quick hop to the corner and a short bus ride to work.  I should have known when my alarm clock didn't go off this morning that today would be a bad day.

I hurried out the door and down the steps, quickly making my way to the bus stop, but it was gone.  I didn't have thirty minutes to wait for the next one either; the gallery wouldn't open itself.

"Fuck it, looks like I'm walking."  I whispered to myself and began the six block walk to the art gallery I've been working out for the past five years.  "Eve is gonna kills me if she gets there and the doors are still locked."

I hurried past the many faces and shops I've never seen before.  I kept my head down mostly and tried to make my way through the crowd as quickly, and as safely as possible.  I was reminded why I chose to take the bus to begin with.

"Marie,"  a voice called, startling me.  "Marie."

There it was again, but nowhere did I see a familiar face.  I looked all around and people continued walking past me not even looking up at me.  My feet stopped moving as I listened for the voice again, but nothing.

"I don't have time for this,"  I started walking again, this time faster. 

"Marie,"  the voice called me again, this time louder, stopping me in my tracks. 

I looked around again and again I found nobody calling my name.  That is when something caught my eye down the alley from where I had stopped.  A sign I had never seen before flickered in the darkness.  I tried to make out the sign, and found myself walking towards it to get a better look.

"Boutique fétiche de Marie," I finally made the sign out.  "What the hell?  What is fétiche?  Marie?"  The sign hanging over the door seemed to get brighter and brighter the closer I got.

I stood in front of the shop and stared at the window for a few minutes.  It was dark inside and I found myself staring at my reflection.  I ran my finger across my forehead and brushed my long dark curls over my shoulders.  I pulled my dress down a little, revealing more cleavage than I am used to showing.  In my hurry to get dressed this morning, I had grabbed one of my push up bras and it was doing a fantastic job showing off my breasts.  I didn't even thinking about what dress I put on this morning and now found myself standing there with my little black dress that barely covered my ass.

"Oh my god!"  I pulled my dress down a little more, but that only made things worse.  "Now my tits are showing."

I watched the girl in the mirror try to 'fix' herself, but then realized she looked amazing and had nothing to hide.  "Wow Marie, you do look pretty amazing."

A light turned on in the store and that is when I saw them.  Just on the other side of the window was an incredible pair of boots.  I had never seen anything like them in my entire life.  My eyes started at the bottom and slowly made their way up, slowly taking them all in.  From the long heels and tight black leather going up past my knees, to the sexiest straps travelling all the way up the front of the boots ending with black lace which I was already imagining wrapped around my thighs.

"I want those,"  I whispered to myself and wrapped my hand around the doorknob without even realizing it.  "I need those boots."

"Hello?  Is anybody here?"  I asked once inside.  "I wanted to see the boots...by the window...Hello?"

"Ah, the boots."  I heard a female voice come from a dark hall in the back of the store.  "Go ahead...pull them out.  I think you will find they are a perfect fit."

Out of the darkness walked the woman behind the voice.  She was older than I expected.  Her age did not fit the voice I heard, but still she had a beauty about her that was unmistakable. 

"Hello, I was walking by...and heard, well I was admiring your boots by the window.  My name is Marie."  I pointed towards the front window with one hand while holding my other hand out to her.

She held my hand in between both her hands and looked me up and down for a minute before answering.  "Nice to meet you...Marie.  Please, take the boots.  Try them on.  See how they feel, but more importantly see how they make you feel."

She let my hand go and helped me pull the boots out from the display by the window.  I sat down on the only seat in the store and watched as she pulled up a little stool and sat down at my feet.

"Let me help you with these,"  she whispered and slipped my shoes off my feet. 

I sat there quietly while she slid the boots on and slowly pulled them up my legs and over my knees.  She didn't have any trouble at all getting them on me and soon had them strapped all around my legs.  I couldn't stop staring at the black lace wrapped tightly around my thighs and found my fingers tracing the elegant curves and every little shape of the lace.

"It feels amazing doesn't it?"  she asked once she was done.  "I still remember the first time I put these boots on.  I felt a fire inside I had never felt before.  You'll see...you'll feel it too."

"How much are they?"  I asked, half afraid to find out.

"They are yours already.  No cost...free.  I can see already they were made for you." 

"I can't take them.  This is too much,"  I began, but she stopped me before I got any further.

"Please, take them.  Make an old lady happy.  Besides, you and I share the same name.  It is fate that brought you to me today.  Please Marie, take them and enjoy them as much as I enjoyed them so many years ago."

I sat there speechless and finally managed to utter a simple thank you before she led me outside.  "Thank you so much...Marie.  They are beautiful."

"As are you,"  she whispered and shut the door behind me. 

I walked the remaining two blocks to the gallery and didn't seem to care anymore that I was running late.  I wasn't even in a hurry anymore.  I wasn't looking down at the sidewalk either, and was surprised to see everyone else wasn't walking past me as if I didn't exist.  Everyone was watching me...admiring me...smiling...greeting me.

"It must be the boots,"  I said to myself and stopped in front of the gallery.  "OK...I'm ready for Eve."

"Marie, It's about time you got here,"  I heard Eve start in on me before I even had both feet int he building.  "Thank god I found my keys and...and..."

She stuttered and stopped in front of me with her mouth still open.  "It sounds like you missed me Eve."  I smiled and walked past her to the counter.  "I'm here now, is there anything in particular you needed?"

"No...not really."  She walked to the counter where I stood on the other side putting away my things.  "Something is different about you Marie...very different.  What is it?"

"Nothing Eve.  I'm the same girl I've always been."  I walked across the room and flipped on all the lights in the gallery. 

"Where did you get that dress?"  Even walked up behind me, running her hand down my back.  "It looks amazing on you.  I never knew you had a body like...and that ass!"  She almost shouted as she lifted up my dress revealing nothing underneath.

"Hey now Eve, it's too early in the morning to get naked."  I pulled my dress back down and turned to face her.  I pulled her hands off my dress and felt her fingers wrap around mine.  "I was in a hurry this morning.  I threw on the first thing I could find.  I didn't even now I didn't...wasn't wearing any...panties."

"I like it,"  she whispered and stepped forward, almost falling into my arms.  "I mean the dress, not that you're not wearing any panties.  I mean I like that too, but...well, you know what I'm trying to say.  You look very...different."

"What do you think about this?"  I whispered to her, leaning into her a little closer, her fingers still in mine.  I moved her hand against my thighs and ran her fingers of the lace.  "I love the lace...wrapped around my soft...warm...thighs." 

I watched her lips slowly part as she took in each word I whispered while her fingers slide down my body and over the black lace of my boots.  She continued playing with the lace and moved her body against mine.

"You are very warm,"  her lips so close to my neck as she whispered to me.  "So warm...soft,"  she kept whispering while her fingers moved between my legs and began travelling up higher until her fingertips found my trimmed pussy beneath my dress.  "Hot...Marie...moist." 

I let Eve rest her body against mine as she slowly kissed my neck.  She kept her right hand tucked nicely beneath my dress and her fingertips rubbing gently against my pussy.  I felt my body relax in her arms as every inch of my body reacted to her touch.  I could feel it.  I could feel that fire the old lady at the boutique had talked about, and I didn't want it to stop.

Even as the limo pulled up in front of the gallery I didn't want Eve to stop.  I closed my eyes and let her lips kiss my neck over and over again.  Every kiss her soft lips left on my body made my pussy wet for her touch.  She slid one finger inside my tight wet lips and began fucking me nice and slow while she pulled her lips up to mine.

"Do you want me to stop Marie?"  she asked in a soft sexy voice I'd never heard leave her lips?"

"I don't Eve, but..."  I began but her lips interrupted me.

"No buts Marie...I don't want to stop either." 

"We have company Eve,"  I whispered to her and smiled at our guest standing just inside the doorway.  "I think your ten o'clock is here."

"Laurent!"  she shouted, startled at the interruption.  "I nearly forgot about...I lost track of..."

"It's OK Eve.  I can see you were otherwise occupied."  He took hold her her hand and kept his eyes on me as he pulled her hand up to his and kissed her hand, holding her hand up to his lips longer than usual.  "Just who is this girl that has taken you away from me?"

He left her and walked up to me.  "I don't believe we've met, I am Laurent Renard...and you are?"

I didn't answer but simply smiled back at this beautiful dark exotic man as he kissed my hand.  I had stood on the other side of that counter countless times and helped Laurent many times.  I had served him drinks and his guests drinks at his opening.  I had even helped him undress when he spilled wine on his shirt one evening, and yet he didn't know my name.

"You've met Marie, many times Laurent.  She does look...different today no?"  Eve returned to my side, her eyes again looking at me top to bottom, still trying to find what it was about me that had intrigued her so. 

"Marie?"  began Laurent with a new spark in his eye?  "This is no Marie that stood so shyly behind the counter hiding from me ever time I entered the room.  No no no...I refuse to believe this goddess in front of me now is Marie.  This must be...her twin sister!"

He held my hand up high as he walked around me, both of them admiring me head to toe now.  "Sorry to interrupt you both, but I am Marie and I think we have work to do.  Yes...now stop looking at me and let me show you to the back.  Your work arrived yesterday but I didn't dare unpack them until you were here."

"Yes.  Lets go see if they survived the trip.  Though I have to tell you I would much rather spend my day admiring you, but if you insist we work then let us work."  Laurent held my hand as I led him to the back room where lay several crates with his sculptures.

Eve handed him a crowbar and we stood there watching as he opened each create one at a time.  He pulled each statue out and placed them on a few tables we had laid out. 

"Laurent, you have outdone yourself.  Those look incredible."  I walked around admiring each of his creations until he had them all out.  Before me stood seven sculptures of men and women together and a variety of positions.  "Look at them...wow...these are very good...sexy."

Eve walked over to me and began running her fingers over the statue in front of me.  I watched as she ran her fingers slowly over ever little curve.  "Laurent, I wonder...have you ever made one of two women together?" 

Eve looked at me and smiled, her hand moving from the statue over to my body.  She moved behind me with her hand wrapping around my body.  "I would love to have one of these in my bedroom, especially if you had one of two women."

Laurent didn't answer, but Eve didn't seem to care.  Her attention had returned completely to me and she didn't seem to mind Laurent watching as her lips returned to mine and she picked up right where she had left off earlier.

"I can't stop myself Marie."  she whispered and again her fingers moved down my neck over my breasts.  "I can't keep my hands off of you for some reason...what are you doing to me?"

"Eve, it's all you."  I answered and felt my body quickly wake up to her touch.  She moved her hand down again and pulled my dress up, letting her fingers slip between my wet pussy again. 

"Why don't I help you Eve," I pulled my dress up over my shoulders and off my body.  I could feel Laurent's eyes on me as I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, letting Eve grab it and pull it off my body.

"Just look at you Marie,"  Eve whispered to me as she stared at my breasts resting in her hands.  "You look amazing...beautiful."

She moved in front of me and sat down on the table as she slid her arms around my waist.  She pulled me in closer and looked up at me and smiled as she wrapped her lips around my nipples.  I lay my arms on her shoulders and closed my eyes, enjoying her moist lips gently sucking my swollen nipples one at a time. 

I spread my legs a little more and stepped in closer, letting her fingers press against my pussy a little harder.  This time she slid two fingers inside me, sliding in and out between my wet lips. 

"You're so wet Marie...I love it."  Eve looked at me as she began fucking me a little faster. 

"I'm glad you like it, but I have a problem."  My hands began undressing Eve as I spoke.  "My hands are getting a little bored too."

Laurent was quickly behind me touching my body.  His hands ran down my back and slide between my cheeks, gently sliding up and down as he began kissing my neck from behind. 

"Mmmmm, I think someone else was getting bored too Eve."  I reached down behind me and grabbed Laurent's hand and pulled him around in front of me.  "Eve, can you show him where I like it?"

Laurent knelt down behind me and let Eve take his hand and push his fingers against my soaking wet pussy.  His lips kissed my ass over and over again every few seconds as he began fucking my pussy with his fingers.  I looked down and watched Eve hold his hand and guiding him in and out, faster and faster. 

Even pulled back and let Laurent take over on his own as she undressed herself in front of me.  She pulled her shirt off and slipped out of her skirt.  She lay back on the table and kept her eyes on me as she began touching herself.  She picked up her legs and spread them wide on the edge of the table and pushed her fingers inside her pussy. 

Laurent used one hand against my back to bend me over while he tried to push his face between my legs to get a taste.  In this position I had a perfect view of Eve's beautiful pink lips wrapped around her fingers. 

"Taste me Marie," Eve whispered and spread her lips with one hand.  She held her hand between her legs holding her lips spread, her fingertip gently rubbing her swollen clit.

"Gladly,"  I answered back and lay my head down against her body and let my tongue roll slowly over her clit. 

Laurent's tongue found my clit and began massaging my pussy faster and harder.  his hands wrapped around my boots tightly as he began pushing his face harder between my thighs. 

Each time Laurent shoved his face against my pussy, my mouth pushed harder against Eve's pussy.  I held two fingers against Eve's pussy and kept licking her clit while watching my fingers slowly enter her body.  I surprised myself even more when I watched my fingers disappear inside her pussy, rubbing her from the inside as I licked her clit faster. 

"Don't stop Marie,"  Eve's voice begged as her hips bucked beneath my lips.  "Keep fucking my pussy...Marie...you make me so wet."

Her voice made me want her that much more.  I moved my fingers faster inside her tight wet pussy.  Over and over again I fucked her while Laurent stood up behind me, his fingers taking over where his mouth left off.

I surrounded her swollen lips with my mouth and kept licking her clit, trying to keep my tongue pressed tight around her as her hips begun jumping wildly as she screamed out my name.

"Marie...don't...oh my god...don't stop."  Eve stared down at me as she came, soaking my lips. She pushed my head down and kept me tight against her wet body as she finished with my lips loving her sweet warm juices.

Just as I pulled my face up and smiled at Eve, licking my lips while she smiled down at me, I felt Laurent quickly grab my hips.  His hard cock slid between my legs and quickly found my throbbing pussy.  He wasted no time in shoving every inch of his cock inside me.

"Oh fuck...Eve...I mean Laurent,"  I moaned as I felt his cock spread my tight lips and begin pounding me from behind. 

Eve sat up and took my face in her hands and began kissing my lips.  She licked my tongue with hers, tasting her pussy in my mouth.  She kept kissing me and tasting me as I got fucked harder and harder.

I put my hands on the edge of the table to brace myself.  Eve slid off the table and knelt down in front of me, her face between my legs while Laurent fucked my pussy with his cock from behind.  I could feel Eve's hands grabbing my breasts...her lips kissing my belly...my thighs...her fingers playing with the lace around my boots again, then her tongue found my clit once more as Laurent's cock seemed to grow thicker...harder.

"Oh fuck,"  I moaned as the both worked on my body together.  "Amazing...what the..."  I felt my body get weaker...hotter.

I stood up a little and looked down just in time to see Eve take his cock and slide it in her mouth.  I could see his soaking wet cock slide inside her beautiful lips, no doubt giving her a taste of my pussy.  She pushed his cock back inside my pussy and continued licking my clit.

"Don't stop Eve...keep fucking me...both of you...dont' stop,"  I stuttered wildly as I felt this hunger inside me I didn't know I had.  I pushed back against his cock harder and harder, wanting every single inch inside my tight pussy.  "Fuck me harder Laurent...Fuck my pussy harder."

I reached down with one hand and pushed Eve's face tighter against my clit and kept her there.  "Almost,"  I moaned again and again, getting louder each time that word left my lips.  "Almost...almost...almost"

Laurent's hands tightened around my hips as he fucked me harder just as I'd asked for.  The wet sounds of his thick hard cock stretching my pussy against Eve's mouth was more than I could take.  I kept my hand against Eve's head and let her drink up my wet pussy as I came all over Laurent's cock, still fucking me good from behind.

"Don't stop Laurent," Eve said, her hands enjoying his balls in her face.  "Keep fucking her pussy...I want it...I want to watch you cum...cum in my mouth...cum all over my face."

Laurent pulled my ass harder against his body one more time as he slammed his cock inside me then quickly pulled out.  I looked down and watched Eve take his cock in her hand and begin stroking him fast and hard for a few seconds until he exploded in her hand.  I watched as she looked up at me with a smile...his cum shooting over her lips and her tongue.  Still she pushed and pulled on his hard wet cock and slid him inside her mouth and sucked him dry. 

Finally she let him go and sank down on the floor, with me soon falling down next to her.  Laurent walked his beautiful naked body to the bar and poured us each a drink.  I brushed Eve's hair away from her face and kissed her lips, not minding at all she was covered with Laurent's cum.  I licked his juices from her cheek, then her lips then kissed my beautiful Eve and felt her arms wrap around me.  We rolled around the floor for a few minutes still kissing each other...exploring each other still until Laurent knelt down next to us with two glasses in his hands.

"I think you two ladies could use a drink,"  He said and handed us the two glasses.  "A toast to the new Marie and the incredible Eve."

"I didn't even take my boots off,"  I laughed and watched as Eve's fingers began playing with the lace again.  "Maybe I should take them off now."

"No!"  they both yelled at the same time. 

"Keep them on Marie,"  Eve answered afterwards.  "They were made for you...just look at you."

"Maybe I'll never take them off then."

We somehow managed to get dressed and ended up going to lunch with Laurent.  We returned after a few hours only to close shop down early and lock the doors.  We headed down the road in his limo to check out his new condo downtown. 

"Wait...stop here!"  I yelled at the driver as I noticed we were about to pass the same alley I had stopped at just this morning.  "This is where..."  I began as the limo slowed down.  I looked down the alley expecting to see the sign again, but there was no sign.  There was no Boutique fétiche de Marie.  "Never mind...I must have been...confused."

We drove on into the city and to Laurent's apartment.  I couldn't believe just this morning I had expected this to be the worst day of my life.  In five years My alarm has always gone off without a hitch.  In five years I've never been even a minute late to work.  What was it she had told me when she gave me the boots?

"It was fate."

Copyright 2012 Damian Santiago

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Portrait of a Lady

This is from my first book and still one of my favorites.  This one and more available in paperback or e-book.  I hope you enjoy reading this one as much as I enjoyed writing it...and feel free to comment.  Thank you.

I had recently opened my loft to a friend of mine who is a photographer. She needed a space to setup a small studio for hew new business, and I had the extra space. After work I would come home and find her taking portraits for her different clients and from time to time I would sit back and watch her work.

She was very good at what she did and was always trying to get that perfect picture everyone always dreams about. She had the ability to talk to people and make them feel comfortable with her, letting her find the perfect angle to shoot them from.

"How do you do it?" I asked Kim one evening. "I see these people come in all nervous and tense, and in five minutes they are as calm as can be, and want you to take their picture all night long."

"Just wait until tomorrow," Kim answered. "I have someone coming in to take some portraits for her husband, and I have a feeling she wants them to be a little on the naughty side."

"That's why I should have been a photographer," I laughed as Kim put away her cameras for the night.

The next evening when I arrived home from work I found Kim already setup, waiting on her client to arrive. I wanted to stay and watch, but Kim asked me to hide myself for a while until her session was done. I always enjoyed watching Kim work, and the thought of her taking some nude pictures intrigued me even more, but I agreed to stay out of her way.

I was upstairs laying on my bed reading something new I'd picked up that morning when I heard the doorbell ring. I could hear Kim's footsteps as she walked to open the door, followed by a new voice greeting her. Her name was Ruby. Her voice seemed soft and sweet. I wanted to go down and at least introduce myself, but remembered what Kim asked and kept reading. I tried to ignore both of them talking about what kind of pictures Ruby wanted, but I couldn't help hear the words robe, silk, and panties. I was immediately turned on and knew I was going to have to sneak down and watch.

I stayed on my bed for a few minutes as I heard the clicking begin downstairs. I slowly put the book down and slid my shoes off, and I made my way downstairs. I walked down, and from where they were they could not see me coming. I made my way to the couch and sat down, making sure I didn't make a sound, and simply sat there and watched.

I was used to finding women getting their portraits done with all their hair and makeup all done, but this girl was different. Her dark short hair seemed to frame her face perfectly, but it was simple. She wasn't layered in makeup and didn't have that outrageous smile so many have when they are posing. She sat there on a small chair facing Kim with a beautiful sweet smile while Kim asked her to drop her shoulders and move her chin this way and that. Ruby would obey Kim's every command and every pose looked perfect to me. I found her captivating and wanted to join them both immediately, but still I hesitated. She had an elegance about her that I had not seen in a long time, and I couldn't help but smile just watching her.

Kim put her camera down, and made some sort of motion to Ruby. Kim smiled at me as Ruby walked behind a curtain to change. I stood up and walked over to Kim while Ruby hung her white dress up and walked out wearing a tiny little robe open all the way down the front.

"I didn't mean to interrupt," I mumbled as Ruby sat back down in her chair. "I didn't know you had a client. I can leave if you'd like."

"Ruby," Kim began. "This is Mark. He's a good friend of mine and he happens to own this building. Do you mine if he watches or shall we ask him to leave?"

"I think it's ok if he stays," Ruby whispered in that same soft voice I overheard earlier. "So what do you think Mark…will my husband like me dressed like this?"

"I think any man in his right mind would love a portrait of you dressed like that," I said trying not to let her see I was staring at her breasts through the silk cloth. "You look amazing and I'm certain your husband will love it."

She simply smiled a sign of approval, and Kim looked at me rolling her eyes at me, and smiling. She knew what I was there for, but as long as Ruby didn't mind, she didn't mind either. I stood there behind Kim watching Ruby move on the chair without any direction from Kim. Ruby was a natural, and knew exactly what she wanted. She stared into the camera with her beautiful deep eyes, letting her tongue slowly glide over her bottom lip while her robe spread open slightly.

I moved my arms down over my crotch to try and hide the obvious bulge in my pants, and Ruby immediately noticed and smiled. This seemed to only entice her to reveal more of herself, and she let the robe slip off her right breasts while keeping her eyes on mine. The smooth skin of her breasts seemed to call me to her and I found myself licking my lips, already dreaming of kissing her nipples. She knew I was hard and thinking about having her, but she continued to tease the camera letting her robe fall to her side as she arched her back. Both her breasts looked drew me into her as she held them softly in her hands.

I wasn't sure if I should stay or leave at this point, and looked to Kim for some sort of answer, but she only smiled at me and winked. Ruby lay on her back with only a tiny black thong on that barely covered her pussy. The only thing I could think of was how lucky her husband was to be able to lay down in bed with this woman, and enjoy her company.

"Maybe I should leave now," I mumbled as Ruby reached down with her fingers and grabbed her thong as if to slide it off. "I should give you some privacy."

"Don't tell me a such a good looking young man like you has never seen a woman naked before," Ruby laughed as she slid her thong down her legs while Kim continued to snap frame after frame. "If you have to, leave…but it might be fun if you stayed."

I pulled up a chair and sat down smiling at Ruby. She had dared me to stay, and I wasn't going to back down from this. I wanted to see where this was going and couldn't help but notice that look in Ruby's eye when she said the word fun.

Kim had walked away to change cameras, and I found myself alone with Ruby. She sat there quietly staring at me, and began to spread her legs in front of me, giving me a perfect view of what I'd been craving all evening.

"Would you like to taste my pussy?" Ruby asked. "It's been so long since I've felt anyone do that, and I'm dying to have you right now."

"Kim will be right back," I whispered trying to sound concerned about being caught. "What about your husband?"

"He hasn't touched me in months. That's why I'm taking these pictures, but seeing you stand there with your hard dick in your pants is turning me on. I like the way your eyes watch me."

I could hear Kim in the closet down the hall, and didn't waste any time. I walked up to Ruby and knelt down in front of her, grabbing her hands with mine. Her face looked so soft up close, and I had to feel her lips on mine. Her body was so warm, and her lips so soft as she kissed me back. I immediately wanted to have her completely in every way, and all to myself. I could feel her kissing me back, stronger and deeper, and found her hands almost tearing my shirt off.

She leaned back against the wall, and moved my hands down her body, pressing my fingers over her nipples. Her body felt so good beneath my hands, and I couldn't wait any longer to taste her. I had heard Kim walk back and knew she was watching us but I couldn't stop myself now. I slid down between Ruby's legs and spread them gently while I kissed her thighs. My tongue soon felt the heat from her body and beautiful trimmed pussy. I loved how wet she was and couldn't believe any man could lay in bed with her, and not want to immediately touch her. I could hear Kim taking pictures in the background while Ruby closed her eyes and moaned while my tongue slid up and down, enjoying every taste.

Ruby slid her left hand down between her legs, letting her red fingernails press against her clit while I began fucking her pussy with my tongue. I loved watching her rub her pussy faster and faster while I licked her deeper. I tried to get my pants off with my hands while my mouth stayed pressed against her pink wet lips, and with the help of Ruby's legs kicking my pants off, I was soon naked.

I pulled Ruby down on the chair a little, and sat up smiling down at her. My body was tucked tightly between her legs with my dick hard and wet pressed against her pussy ready to slide inside her. I leaned down over her, kissing her warm lips again, wanting to hear those words leave her lips and she didn't keep me waiting long.

"Fuck me," she whispered while we kissed over and over again. "Make me cum with you inside me."

I looked back at Kim after realizing the camera had stopped taking pictures and saw her standing there with the camera down to her side in one hand, while the other hand was down her pants between her legs. I smiled at Kim then back at Ruby who had wrapped her legs around me, and quickly pushed me inside her. I watched her body move back and forth in the chair in front of me while I slide my dick all the way in slowly only to pull it back out. She was definitely enjoying every inch of me inside her, and I was loving her pussy squeezing down on me, and pulling me in like that. I wanted to go down on her again but she wouldn't let go of me with her legs and kept pulling me in harder and harder until I was fucking her pussy as fast as I could…as hard as I could.

I could hear Kim moaning in the background while Ruby reached down with her fingers and began rubbing her pussy with my dick sliding in and out faster and faster. I was ready to cum already but I wanted to hold it back as long as possible. I could feel my body ready to cum hard inside her but I didn't want her fingers to stop rubbing her clit. I couldn't believe this was the same woman who walked in so soft and sweet wanting to take a few pictures for her husband. She lay here now naked with her fingers between her wet juicy lips rubbing fast and hard moaning louder and louder, ready to cum with me.

The sound of her voice along with Kim's behind me was too much and I finally let go. I could see Ruby smiling up at me while I came inside her and knew she could feel it while I thrust inside her hard a few more times. Her fingers never stopped and soon she was cumming with me pulling me in with her legs, wanting my dick to keep fucking her. I stayed there slowly sliding out while I smiled back at Ruby who was slowly catching her breath. Her fingers slid around the head of my wet dick and stroked me back and forth slowly while I grew softer in her hands.

I kissed her soft wet pussy one more time licking her slow and deep before finally standing. Ruby sat up and moaned softly while she wrapped her fingers around my dick and quickly slid it between her lips and took me in her mouth. Kim walked over and sat down next to Ruby with a hungry look in her eye I hadn't seen before, and she moved in and took Ruby's place in front of my dick. Without looking up at me or saying a word she pushed my dick between her red lips and moved down on me. I could feel my dick getting hard again while they took turns licking my dick clean, and it wasn't long before I was ready to cum again.

I stood there watching as both women took my dick in their mouths, feeling it get harder and harder with each minute. Their tongues felt so good rolling over the head of my dick over and over again. I could feel my legs get weaker and simply closed my eyes for a minute and felt it rising inside me again. Both girls knew I was getting ready, and seemed to suck me harder and faster, taking me in deeper down their throats while my hips began moving back and forth - faster and faster with them. I felt hands between my legs rubbing my balls then a warm wet tongue licking them, and looked down to see Kim smiling up at me while she sucked on my balls. I grabbed Kim's head with my right hand and Ruby's with my left and pulled them in tighter back and forth until I was ready to cum.

"That's it," Ruby moaned. "Cum in my mouth...let me taste you!"

Ruby wrapped her arms around me and squeezed my ass with her fingers. Her hands pulled me deep inside her mouth the instant she felt me cumming and I could feel my dick throbbing inside her while she drank me in. Her lips squeezed down on me while she moaned gently vibrating my dick inside her making me cum more and more while Kim eagerly watched. Ruby finally pulled me out slowly letting Kim move in and taste my wet dick licking every drop. Ruby's warm fingers squeezed my dick from the base down the shaft slowly letting her tongue slide over the end while both ladies licked me clean.

The three of us stood there for a few minutes holding each other while we smiled and laughed a little at what had just happened. I could see Kim's hands sliding up and down Ruby's body while wet took turns kissing each other's warm lips. This had been an incredible evening and I didn't want it to end, but I knew Ruby had to return to her husband and I wondered if we would meet again like this.

"I think we will have some amazing pictures after tonight," Kim said as she went back to her camera. "I can't remember when I stopped taking them, but I know I got a lot of great action shots."

"I don't think I'll be giving those to my husband, but I will want copies," Ruby whispered as she pulled her dress back on. "The three of us will have to enjoy the pictures next week when I come back to pick them up."

I didn't say much afterwards but instead quietly got dressed and thanked Ruby for the wonderful night and kissed her goodbye. I knew I would have the pleasure of her sweet naked body again soon, and the anticipation was already building. As for the rest of the evening, I knew Kim would be staying with me and we had hours and hours ahead of us. God only knew what she would be up for tonight after the evening we had just experienced.
Copyright 2010 Damian Santiago


I hadn’t had a real date in a few months, so I had really been looking forward to tonight. I had been introduced to Tom through a mutual friend and we hit it off pretty well. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be stared at and admired like that, but when I saw Tom from across the room, I could see him watching me. The smile on his face told me he liked what he saw.
Tom wasn’t the first older man I had dated. In fact, my ‘first’ was an older man. His name was Jim Masterson. I call him my first, but he wasn’t the first boy I actually had sex with. There were a couple others before Jim, but he was the first one that knew what he was doing, and the first man to really fuck me.
I grew up in a small down in the Midwest. When it came to boyfriends there weren’t very many options to choose from. I was taller than most other girls and I let my hair grow long. Boys didn’t notice me until my breasts started showing, but by the time I was a senior in high school, I had turned town every boy in town…except for maybe two or three.
I had gone to college the summer before I started to decide if it was the place for me. The campus was huge and I felt completely out of place. Even in the summer time there were lots and lots of people walking everywhere. I must have looked as out of place as I felt, ‘cause that’s when he found me. I was sitting alone on a bench wondering what I was going to do next when I saw a man walking towards me with a grin. I watched as he got closer, and wondered who he might be.
“You must be new here.” He sat down next to me and held out his hand. “Let me be the first to welcome you to our little campus. My name is Jim Masterson.”
“Hi…Maggie, my name is Maggie.” I shook his hand and was surprised at how long he held my hand in his. He seemed to almost caress or squeeze my hand gently as we talked. “Was it that obvious that I don’t belong here?”
“Everyone feels awkward their first time. You are new here and don’t know your way around. You don’t know anyone here yet and so it’s only natural for you to want to go back home where all your friends and family are. Don’t worry though, that feeling will pass and soon you will have all the friends you could ask for. A beautiful young girl like you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting in here.”
“That’s true.” He kept his blue eyes on me the whole time he talked. I hadn’t even noticed how close he was sitting next to me, but with his deep voice and that smile of his, I didn’t seem to mind at all. “I’m not alone anymore. I mean I know one person now so that’s progress.”
“Yes Maggie, you now have one friend here and that is a very good start. Why don’t I get you started on your tour and point you in the right direction.”
“That would be great. I’d really appreciate that. I didn’t realize there would be so many different buildings.” I showed him my map I had and the different buildings I was looking for. He explained the best way to get around and things to avoid while navigating my way around. After all his help, he made one more offer that took me by surprise.
“When you are done here, give me a call. Here’s my card. I’d love to take you to dinner and answer any questions you might have.” Jim handed me his card and again placed my hand in his as we said goodbye.
“I will do that. Thank you Jim for being so nice. I don’t know what I would have done without you.”
I called him a few hours later and he picked me up shortly after. He wanted to stop at a local bar before dinner he said and so we parked in a back alley and went in the back door.
“A good friend of mine owns this place. You’re gonna love it.” He opened the door and let me through a dark narrow hall into a back room.
“Jim…wait…I’m only nineteen. I don’t think I’m supposed to be in here.” I didn’t know if I said that in case he didn’t know, or if I wanted to make sure he knew I was…legal, but either way I told him and he only smiled and told me not to worry about that.
“I tell you what Maggie. I won’t hold it against you that you are nineteen, if you don’t hold it against me that I am twenty nine. Deal?” He took a couple glasses from behind the bar and grabbed a bottle of wine. If he hadn’t told me the bar belonged to his friend, I would have assumed this was his place.
“Deal,” I answered back acting a little shy, “I’ve never gone out with an older boy before. I hope you’re not trying to get me drunk then have your way with me Mr. Masterson. I’ve been warned about men like you.”
“Don’t worry Maggie; those are not my plans at all.” He handed me my glass and waited for me to take a sip. “You will be completely sober when I have my way with you. I want you to remember every minute of it.”
I was completely caught off guard with his words and before I could response, he leaned in and kissed me. His lips felt so soft and smooth against mine. He licked my tongue with his as if tasting me and my glass nearly slipped out of my hand. I felt his hand slide around my back and pull me in tighter against his body as we kissed deeper.
“I think we need to skip dinner, Mr. Masterson.” I felt a sudden warmth flow through my body as I whispered the next few words. “Is there someplace more private we can go to?”
“You are full of surprises Maggie. I know just the place, and might even have a few surprises for you before the night is over.”
We drove around town for a while before he finally pulled into a hotel parking lot. I expected him to take me to his house or an apartment, but not to a hotel. He opened the car door for me and held my hand as we walked in the hotel. He didn’t sign in or even talk to the girl behind the desk, but headed straight for the elevator.
It seemed a bit surreal for me to be here with a man I had just met, but it felt good. It was exciting to feel his hands on my body as we walked down the hall. It felt exhilarating knowing this older man found me attractive and wanted to be with me. He made me feel good.
“Before we go in Maggie, put this on.” He pulled out a scarf from his pocket and began folding it. “Don’t worry; I’ll take good care of you.” He wrapped the blindfold around my head and adjusted it until I couldn’t see a single thing in front of me. I heard the door open and his hands grabbed both of mine. “Follow me in.”
The room felt colder as I took a few steps inside. He led me further into the room then let go. A few seconds later I heard the door shut. I turned in circles trying to get a feel for where he was, but I couldn’t tell. I couldn’t hear him anymore and didn’t want to walk around and run into anything, so I held still and called out for him.
“Jim…where are you? Where’d you go?”
“I’m right here Maggie,” his familiar voice whispered directly in front of me. I felt him move closer then felt his kisses once more. His hands began unbuttoning my shirt while he kissed me. I tried to get his shirt off, but he held my hands back. I stood there with my hands to my side as he undressed me slowly. His lips kissed my neck gently as my shirt slipped off my shoulders and slid to the floor.
He moved behind me and quietly removed my bra and then my belt. He knelt down behind me and slid one shoe off, then the next. He placed his hands on my waist and gently moved down my body, taking my pants down at the same time. His lips pressed against my ass and kissed me a few times as I stepped out of my pants. Then his fingers played with the band on my panties, and then slowly pulled them down also.
“You are amazingly beautiful Maggie. You are stunning. Let me look at you for a few minutes.” The room got quiet again and I could hardly stand still. I could almost feel his eyes admiring my every curve. My hands moved gently over my skin as I touched my breasts for him. I imagined him smiling at the sight of me holding my full breasts in my hands…gently tugging at my nipples while he watched. I was wondering how much longer he was going to make me wait, or how much longer I would be able to wait until he touched me again, then I felt it.
His strong hands grabbed my waist from behind and pulled me against his naked body. His lips moved down my body as again he knelt down behind me. He spread my legs and slid one hand up against the inside of my thigh until his fingers rest against my moist flesh. He moved his fingers back and forth against my lips with one hand, while the other reached around and rubbed my clit. His finger easily slid between my wet lips and slowly began fucking me. My hips pushed back harder…wanting him deeper inside me…wanting to feel his cock inside me.
He must have been reading my mind, and soon stood up behind me and let his hard cock slip between my legs. His hands again grabbed my waist and pulled me back closer against his body. I bent over a little and grabbed his cock as he moved back and forth against my pussy. My wrapped my fingers around his cock and felt how wet he already was, and couldn’t but feel how wet my pussy already was. I rubbed the head of his cock against my clit a few times, and then pushed him inside me.
He stood still as I pushed back against him, taking him slowly inside my tight pussy. He moved gently at first. He took his time and gave me a little more of cock every few minutes. He felt so big inside me. He was definitely bigger than any other boy I had been with. I wanted to look down and see his thick hard cock sliding in and out between my tight wet lips, but remembered the blindfold.
“That’s it baby,” I whispered as he began moving faster. “Fuck me faster Jim…give it all to me.”
Soon I was taking every inch of him inside me over and over again. He grew harder and longer as he fucked me faster. My body grew weaker as he held me tighter in his hands and began pounding my pussy with his rock hard cock until I was ready to cum. I squeezed my nipples between my fingertips and moaned out his name a few times…”I’m ready Jim…almost Jim…Keep fucking me Jim.” Something about hearing my voice say his name made me closer and closer to cumming.
Then he kissed me.
“Trust me Maggie,” he whispered and kissed my lips. He pulled the blindfold off of me and I found him standing naked directly in front of me. He held my face with his hands and kissed me again. “Don’t turn around…trust me Maggie…cum for me Maggie.”
I wanted to turn around and see who was behind me. The truth was at that exact moment, I didn’t care who was behind me. I was getting fucked like never before. The man girls like me only dream of was standing in front of me kissing me. In the darkness I reached down and found Jim’s cock hard and ready. I began stroking him as the cock inside my pussy picked up speed again.
“Cum for me baby,” Jim whispered again and as if on command it hit me. He didn’t stop fucking me, but kept moving fast and hard. I could feel my lips almost vibrating against his cock, until he quickly pulled out. A few seconds later I felt him cum all over my ass. I could almost still feel him inside me and wondered what it would have felt like to have him cum inside me.
I could hear someone breathing heaving behind me. Jim leaned into me and held my nipples between his lips. He kissed my breasts and slid his hands around my sweaty body. Suddenly the lights turned on. I looked over to the door and found the stranger standing there…my new lover…an incredibly good looking man with a strong muscular body. He only smiled at me as I stared down at his big beautiful cock. He grabbed a towel and came back to me. He stood behind me gently whipping my cheeks and my back as he kissed my neck as if saying thank you.
“I told you I had a few surprises for you tonight Maggie. This is the friend I told you about…the one who owns the bar.” Jim led me to the bed and sat me down. I still didn’t know what to say or think about what had just happened and Jim knew that. “You were magnificent Maggie. You have no idea how incredibly sexy you are. Just watching you move and listening to you…wow…just amazing.”
He kissed me again with his soft smooth lips and looked at me with those eyes I had only just met this morning. I moved up in bed and lay down with Jim still at my feet watching me. I pulled my knees up and spread my legs and smiled at Jim. He didn’t make me ask twice, and soon his soft lips were gently sucking on my pussy. His tongue danced against my clit and soon I was ready to cum again. My fingers tangled through his hair and pushed his mouth tighter against my clit as he licked me faster. I looked around for Jim’s friend but didn’t see him in the room anymore. I almost wished he was there again so I could see the huge cock that had just fucked me.
“That’s it Jim…you’re gonna make me cum again…don’t stop…” My voice gave out as he rubbed the underside of his tongue against his clit from side to side until I came in his mouth.
“Mmmmmm,” Jim moaned as he kept licking me slowly, “Damn you taste good Maggie.”
I was ready for his friend to come back. I was waiting for both of them to line up and ask me to suck both of them. I was ready for them to take turns fucking me over and over again all night long. I was not ready for what happened next.
Jim kissed my pussy softly a few times then moved up my body. He kissed my stomach a few times then gently licked my nipples. He moved up over me and moved the tip of his cock against my clit. He teased me with his cock for a minute until I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him inside me. He moved slow and steady inside me. He never took his eyes off of me. He kissed me and whispered in my ear every minute or so.
“You look so beautiful Maggie. I’m so lucky to have found you today.” He slid his cock deep inside me and pulled completely out. Over and over again he fucked me like this and I wondered if he was ever going to cum. I could feel him throbbing stronger and stronger inside my tight pussy the longer he went, but still he fucked me long and slow. “You just don’t know how special you really are, do you Maggie?”
“I bet you say that to all the girls Mr. Masterson.” I joked and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Mmmmm…but I bet you don’t kiss them quite like that…you do know how to make a girl feel special.”
He kept kissing me as finally he picked up speed. My body lay beneath him getting hotter and hotter. With the lights turned off again and our eyes locked together, he fucked me fast and hard for another minute, and then stopped deep inside me. His lips parted as he came inside me and he smiled down at me until he was done. I pulled him back inside me with my legs as he tried to escape, and let my pussy squeeze every last drop before letting him go.
“That was…well, that was…amazing. I had no idea sex could be that good.” I said as Jim lay down next to me. “I don’t know what that was.”
“That wasn’t sex Maggie. Anybody can have sex…anyone can simply fuck…but there are no words to describe what you and I just did.”
“I wonder what other surprises you have in store for me in the future. I have a feeling you and I are going to be seeing a lot of each other next semester.” I rolled over on top of him and smiled down at him. “You didn’t tell me you were Professor Jim Masterson…who teaches philosophy…first period…which I have.”
“I think I will be giving you a lot of extra credit this year.” Jim wrapped his arms around me and held my head against his chest. I thought about how much I had changed in just a few hours. From the naïve young schoolgirl who literally stepped off the bus that morning, to the woman I had become this very same night.
“I think I am going to love college.”
As it turned out, I did love college and have many cherished memories from my younger days…my wild and crazy days. The doorbell rang and so I stood up and opened the door for my date with Tom. Just thinking about Jim and his friend these last few minutes had gotten me excited and I only hoped Tom had the energy to keep up with me tonight.
“Hello Maggie, you look great tonight,” Tom started in the usual way before I turned the tables on him.
“Change of plans Tom. We’re not going out…we’re staying in.” I grabbed him by his tie and led him straight to the bedroom.
Copyright 2011 Damian Santiago

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Better with Age

This is one of the stories included in Blind Love available as e-book or paperback.  I hope you enjoy and comments are always welcome.

Years had passed since he had seen her. He had thought of calling her countless times, but thought it best not to hear her voice. The memories alone were difficult to ignore, and he knew that if he heard his name leaving her lips once more, he wouldn't be able to resist the temptation. He knew all too well how strong his appetite for her was, and how, no matter how often he was with her, he always wanted more. It was that hunger after all that got them both in trouble, and the reason that years had passed since they had last spoken.

As it turned out, fate was not done with them and it was only a matter of time before he was to run into her again. It was by complete accident one morning, when on a service call to a client's home, Eric found himself lost, making turn after turn until he ended up in a neighborhood he recognized. There he was, without even planning on it, parked in front of her house. He thought of pulling away before someone noticed him parked there, but his eyes scanned the windows for her face, and memories of them together quickly flooded his mind, until he felt he had no choice. Nothing could have made him drive away without seeing her again.

He didn’t know what would happen, or if she was even home. If she was home, would she even open the door? If she opened the door, would she want to see him again? All these questions and more flooded his thoughts as he took one step after the other, until at last he reached her front door. There he stood, motionless, for what seemed like an hour before knocking. He listened for a response but heard nothing, so he knocked again. Already doubting his actions, he thought of leaving and assuming she was not at home, when he heard a voice he quickly recognized as hers.

“Coming! I’m coming…give me a minute and I’ll be right there.”

There was no turning back now, and so, as he quickly tried to fix his hair and straighten out his collar, the door opened and there she stood. “Hello Darla,” he said as smoothly as possible. “I was in the neighborhood…and thought…well, maybe I didn’t think.”

“What…Why?” She paused after each word, obviously startled by his visit and not knowing what to say. “Sorry, you just… caught me by surprise. How are you?”

In that brief moment of confusion in which she had let her guard down, her fingers slipped from the edge of her robe, and it fell open. By the time she had realized it and covered herself, he had already caught a glimpse of her naked body underneath. He had seen her beautiful full breasts and soft tanned body. His eyes had glanced down to see no tan lines, and he wondered if she still tanned in the nude in her backyard.

“Wow,” he laughed nervously as she tied the belt tightly around her robe and blushed, “I guess I did catch you by surprise. I didn’t mean to startle you…if this is a bad time I can leave. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come…”

“It’s ok Eric. It’s fine, c’mon in. Now is actually a perfect time.” She held the door open and moved aside with a grin on her face. He walked in quickly as if afraid she would change her mind, but as the door shut behind them and she led him into the living room, he was already becoming a lot more relaxed. “Can I get you a drink? I have your favorite, unless that’s changed?”

“Actually Darla, I stopped drinking. I know it’s a tough one to believe, but I don’t feel the need like I used to.” He sat down on the couch and looked around. He had been here before, many times, but so much had changed. The carpet had been removed and replaced with a warm hardwood floor. The fireplace had been resurfaced with an elegant marble. He watched as she moved back and forth , pretending to be straightening her things up, but he knew she was as nervous as he was.

“How about you sit down across from me and tell me how have you been? There’s no reason for us to be nervous, we’re friends after all… right?” He reached out for her hand as he spoke, and she reluctantly accepted and let him lead her to the loveseat across from him. She could feel how strong the attraction still was between them, and neither one of them wanted to let go of the other.

“You know what,” he started without being able to stop himself. “I didn’t know what I was doing when I knocked on your door, but seeing you like this…now it’s clear. I have to just say it…just tell you.”

“Wait Eric…” Darla started, wanting to slow him down before they both got caught up in something they would later regret, but she couldn’t stop him.

With his hands still holding hers, he went on, “I have missed you Darla. I have tried to stop thinking about you, and even succeeded for a short time, but my memories of you are too strong. My memories of us are too strong to put aside and ignore. I can’t just forget, or pretend, what we had wasn’t real.”

He watched her face to gauge her reaction, but she said nothing. “I don’t know what I’m doing here, and I know it’s wrong, but I had to see you. I couldn’t let another ten years pass without seeing those beautiful hazel eyes staring back at me. I couldn’t let another day go by without seeing those soft lips of yours smiling back at me.” He leaned forward, closer to her, and kissed her before she could pull away. “I couldn’t go another minute without kissing you again.”

“Eric…we shouldn’t,” she whispered, but even as she said those words, she knew she didn’t mean them. Even as she pushed him back to his seat and let his hands go, she knew that would not be their only kiss that morning.

He knelt down in front of her and she let her hands wrap around his neck as she slid off the loveseat and knelt down with him. He could see that same look of longing in her eyes that he used to love. “You haven’t changed one bit,” he whispered with his lips almost touching hers. “You are more beautiful than I remember, and still as sexy as ever. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreamt of holding you like this.”

“Me too.” She finally broke down, letting the barrier she had built up over the years quickly fall away. “I’ve missed you too. I’ve thought about you also.” She couldn’t wait any longer, and again felt his lips against hers as her hands moved tighter against his body. Her hands wanted to explore the body of this man she had only thought of for so long now. As if both wanting to make sure they were not dreaming, they stopped and simply stared at each other, smiling.

He ran his fingers through her hair and allowed his fingertips to slide down the side of her face, enjoying the sensation of touching her once again. His hands slid down her neck while he kissed her lips again, and he felt her wet tongue sliding against his. He slipped her robe down over her shoulders and untied the belt, and soon her hands were working on his belt. They both moved as if in slow motion, enjoying every second they had together, somehow knowing this would be the last time they would be together, and both wanting it to last forever.

“You taste so good, Darla,” he whispered as they both stopped for a quick breath of air before locking their lips together again. They were enjoying their time together as if it was their first time. “I don’t want to ever stop.”

“Me neither,” she moaned, and pulled him in tighter while pulling his shirt off. They spent the next few minutes kneeling in front of each other like this, making out and exploring each other’s bodies, until they slowly stood up, and moved up against the wall. Their lips stayed glued to the others as their bodies tried to find the bedroom. They knocked over lamps as they moved from wall to wall, trying to make it to the bed without losing contact. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down as they fell into her bedroom, then onto her bed.

“Am I dreaming?” he whispered to her as he lay on his back, wearing nothing but his boxers. “I swear I’ve had this dream a hundred times since I saw you last.”

She slid up on top of him, now completely naked, and whispered in his ear,” Does this feel like a dream?” Her hands reached down and grabbed the base of his cock, as she slowly moved up and down on him. “Mmmm…you’re still as big as I remember. You feel very real to me.”

He looked down as she kept smiling at him, her body slowly moving down his body, laying kisses on his chest as she moved. He watched as she spread his legs open and positioned herself between them, her face inches from his throbbing dick. She teased the length of his cock with her fingernails, slowly gliding them up and down while she kissed all around softly, but avoiding kissing his cock. The head of his cock was wet already and she was enjoying rubbing the soft wet spot with her fingertips. As he watched, she held her wet finger to her lips and slowly licked the tip, then moved her finger between her lips, making that sexy soft purring noise that always drove him crazy.

“Damn, you look amazing Darla. How did I stay away for so long?” He reached down with his right hand and moved her hair aside. She moved her mouth closer to him, parted her lips, and then finally let the head of his cock disappear inside her mouth.

“I don’t know,” she said as she pulled him out for a second, only to slide more of him back into her mouth. She moved slowly up and down his cock while her hands stayed wrapped around his balls. Her fingers massaged him while she slid him deeper in her mouth, in a way only she could. It wasn’t long before he was enjoying her warm lips sliding down the end of his cock, and pressing hard against his balls. She held him deep in her throat for a few seconds before sliding completely off of him.

“Do you like that?” she asked and quickly did it again. “Did you miss that?”

“Again… please,” was all he could moan. “Keep doing that…don’t stop.”

She took her time, leaving every inch of his cock in her mouth for as long as she could, but soon he pulled her off of him. “I thought you didn’t want me to stop?” she smiled, as she moved back up and kissed him. “You know I always loved it when you came in my mouth.”

“Don’t worry, I plan on cumming in your mouth…and in other places before the day is over. You remember my favorite position, don’t you?”

“Which one?” she laughed. “You had so many!”

He moved her body around and grabbed her ass. He pulled her left leg over his face, and pulled her ass down directly onto his mouth. She knew what he wanted her to do next, and she didn’t waste any time moving back down towards his waiting dick. “Sixty Nine…of course I remember.”

His hands held her perfectly still over his mouth as his eyes took in the view. It had been so long since he had felt her tight little body in his hands like this. He held his tongue out and let her down gently, until the tip of his tongue gently parted her wet lips. He slid his tongue slowly between her lips, enjoying her warm sweet taste once again. He traced her lips with his tongue, and then stopped over her clit for a few seconds. He moved his hands a little and let his fingers spread her lips, allowing him to see her firm little clit coming out to play.

“This is what I’ve missed,” he moaned, before letting her down completely on his mouth. Finally he was eating her pussy, just as he’d done so many times before. He knew exactly how she liked it, and knew exactly when to slide his finger inside her pussy while he licked her. He knew when she moaned to hold his finger still. He knew when she rocked her hips that she wanted two fingers inside her, and so he obliged her. He knew when her lips tightened down around his cock, that she was ready to cum, and he couldn’t wait to taste her, and to feel her body vibrate almost on top of him as drank her juices in.

He kept fucking her pussy with his two fingers faster and faster. Her ass was tempting him and he wanted to let one finger slide up higher and squeeze inside her ass, but he waited. She was ready to cum…tightening around his fingers…her mouth squeezing his cock… he felt himself getting closer and closer to cumming inside her. He tried to hold it back but couldn’t, and soon he felt his cock shooting deep into her mouth. His hips moved involuntarily. He let her suck every drop as he seemed to cum more and more, but she kept her lips on him. Her moaning grew louder as she enjoyed letting him cum inside her, and soon her hips were grinding back and forth on his mouth. She leaned back on top of him and moved her hips faster and faster, while he buried his two fingers inside her tight pussy. His tongue pressed tighter against her clit and kept rolling around it faster and harder, until finally she stopped moving and screamed out his name. She pressed hard against his mouth as he kept licking her, sucking on her clit and letting her juices soak his face as she continued to move back and forth slowly on top of him for another few seconds.

“Oh my god, that was amazing Eric,” she said as she slid off of him and lay there next to him. She lay there with her head at his feet, and his head at hers. Her hands continued to touch his wet dick as it slowly softened, and his hands stayed cupped against her pussy as she spread her legs a little and let him play with her.

“Wow, that’s really all I can say, Darla. You definitely haven’t lost your touch…still as skilled as ever and still taste as good as ever.”

“And you still know how to drive me crazy. I think I’m going to take a shower now, care to join me?” She gave him a little smile and made sure to sway her hips back and forth as she made her way to the shower. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her body, and lay there admiring the curves he had missed for so long.

“I’m right behind you,” he whispered and felt his dick begin to rise again. “I do remember how fun our showers together were.”

Darla turned the lights off when she walked in so that the only light on in the shower was a small night light above the sink. She bent over the tub slowly, knowing he was standing behind her getting a good view of her ass. She let the water get hot before turning the shower on, and slid her fingers down between her legs while she waited. Eric stood behind her, enjoying the sight of her round ass in the air, pink lips still wet with her fingers sliding slowly between them. Just as he stepped forward and pressed his dick between her cheeks, grabbing her hips, she stepped into the shower.

“I thought you wanted a shower?” she teased. “That felt like you wanted something else.” She grabbed his now hard dick and pulled him into the shower with her. As soon as he stepped in, she pulled him closer and again felt his lips on hers as they kissed long and deep.

The fog soon became thick in the shower, as the two stood face to face beneath the showerhead. He moved behind her and found a bottle of shower gel. He poured some into his hands and began rubbing her body, starting with her shoulders. He massaged her shoulders for a few minutes as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the extra attention she was getting. He made sure to push his hips forward every now and then and let his dick slide smoothly between her cheeks, as his hands moved up and down her body.

He kissed her neck and gave her a few gentle bites, letting his hands move around to her breasts. He stayed there behind her for a few minutes and watched his fingers glide over her nipples. He always loved to feel her nipples get hard between his fingertips, and again found it a huge turn on. She moved her hips back and forth, with his cock growing harder and harder with each minute that passed.

“Do you remember the last time we took a shower together?” she asked while his lips continued kissing her neck from behind. “Do you remember me bending over to get the shampoo, and you stepped in behind me?”

“I do remember, but please, go on…what happened next?”

“Hmmm…let’s see. You asked me to stay bent over, and if I remember correctly, your fingers began playing with my ass.” She spread her legs a little in the shower and continued her story with her hips moving back and forth against his cock. “You slid your finger up and down against my pussy, then over my ass. You held your finger against my tight little ass, and then slowly slid inside me. Do you remember fucking my ass with your finger?”

“Definitely remember that…do you remember what we did next?” He was aching to bend her over there and then and fuck her ass again, but held his urge back as she continued to tease him with her words.

“Oh, I remember. Do you want me to tell you, or do you want to show me?” She bent over and braced her body with her hands on either side of the tub. She spread her legs as wide as she could and arched her back, so he had a perfect view of her ass. “Forget I asked, just show me.”

Eric slid his hands up and down her left cheek as he moved closer behind her. His fingers soon found her pussy waiting for him, and quickly slid his aching cock back inside her. He moved slowly at first, sliding every inch of his cock inside her wet pussy, and then slowly sliding all the way out. His finger moved down her back, between her cheeks, and gently pressed against her ass as he fucked her pussy slowly. He felt her body relax and take his finger in, so he gently pushed deeper inside her. He looked down to see his finger moving inside her tight ass while he continued to slowly fuck her pussy. She moaned and pushed back a little, letting him know she wanted more.

He slid his finger out, then pulled his dick up and held the tip against her ass. He held her hips and pulled her back as she took him in. He held still as she moved back against him, ever so slowly. She hadn’t had anyone inside her like this in ages, and was quickly remembering how much she enjoyed having him fill her like this. He held his hands against her cheeks, gently spreading them apart and watched her take more and more of his cock inside her ass.

“Is this what you remember?” he asked after a few minutes of slowly fucking her.

“Actually, it was more like this,” she laughed and pushed back faster, immediately taking every inch of him inside her. Feeling the last couple of inches slide deeper inside her ass was driving her wild, and soon she was moving her body back and forth, faster and faster. Eric held on tighter and tighter as he felt closer to exploding inside her. He could feel it getting stronger from his toes up throughout his entire body, until he couldn’t hold it back any longer.

“That’s it baby,” she moaned a few times. “Cum inside me…give it all to me.”

He was surprised at how quickly she had made him cum again. She let him stay inside her as he slowed down, but still kept sliding in and out. “You never cease to amaze me, Darla. You always surprise me in one way or the other, and this was a very good surprise.”

She turned around and hugged his body completely with hers, and with a smile whispered, “Finding you on my doorstep this morning was a very good surprise. Feeling you cum inside my ass was a fucking great surprise.”

“I love it when you talk dirty.” Eric kissed her a few more times before they both rinsed off and stepped out of the shower together. “Don’t bother getting dressed either; I think it’s your turn now, right?”

“Oh, we’re taking turns I see…I like that,” Darla giggled, and wrapped a towel around her body.

“Hmmm…what shall we do next?”

“Slow down there, you gotta give this girl some rest. You are wearing me out.” She lay down on the bed with the towel barely covering her body. He couldn’t resist the temptation to lie down next to her, and soon they were lying in bed, snuggled up close together. His fingers played with her hair for a while as they both just lay there silently, simply staring into each other’s eyes for a long while.

“I like your hair by the way…you cut it short, I like it.” He turned her head towards his and kissed her nice and soft, enjoying how close they were both feeling at that moment.

“Are you hungry?” she asked, making sure to finish her question before he jumped to the wrong conclusion. “Are you hungry for food? It’s getting late after all and I skipped breakfast. How about we have something delivered, or do you want to go out? No…we better have something delivered.”

“Yes, delivered. I don’t want to leave your side right now. I think I’ll just lay here next to you for a while and just stare at you. You’re so beautiful. I want to remember every detail about today…about you. This is a day I will never forget.”

“You did always have a way with words. You always knew what I was feeling, and knew exactly what to say, or do.” She kissed his cheek as he smiled at her words. They both lay there for a few moments in silence, before whispering again to each other.

“You know,” Eric hesitated for a moment as her eyes looked up at his, “I never stopped loving you.”

“I never stopped loving you either, and I’m so glad you decided to knock on my door this morning.”

“Me too.”
Copyright 2011 Damian Santiago