Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Boutique Fétiche


 I couldn't remember the last time I walked to work.  Ever since I learned the bus route, it's been a quick hop to the corner and a short bus ride to work.  I should have known when my alarm clock didn't go off this morning that today would be a bad day.

I hurried out the door and down the steps, quickly making my way to the bus stop, but it was gone.  I didn't have thirty minutes to wait for the next one either; the gallery wouldn't open itself.

"Fuck it, looks like I'm walking."  I whispered to myself and began the six block walk to the art gallery I've been working out for the past five years.  "Eve is gonna kills me if she gets there and the doors are still locked."

I hurried past the many faces and shops I've never seen before.  I kept my head down mostly and tried to make my way through the crowd as quickly, and as safely as possible.  I was reminded why I chose to take the bus to begin with.

"Marie,"  a voice called, startling me.  "Marie."

There it was again, but nowhere did I see a familiar face.  I looked all around and people continued walking past me not even looking up at me.  My feet stopped moving as I listened for the voice again, but nothing.

"I don't have time for this,"  I started walking again, this time faster. 

"Marie,"  the voice called me again, this time louder, stopping me in my tracks. 

I looked around again and again I found nobody calling my name.  That is when something caught my eye down the alley from where I had stopped.  A sign I had never seen before flickered in the darkness.  I tried to make out the sign, and found myself walking towards it to get a better look.

"Boutique fétiche de Marie," I finally made the sign out.  "What the hell?  What is fétiche?  Marie?"  The sign hanging over the door seemed to get brighter and brighter the closer I got.

I stood in front of the shop and stared at the window for a few minutes.  It was dark inside and I found myself staring at my reflection.  I ran my finger across my forehead and brushed my long dark curls over my shoulders.  I pulled my dress down a little, revealing more cleavage than I am used to showing.  In my hurry to get dressed this morning, I had grabbed one of my push up bras and it was doing a fantastic job showing off my breasts.  I didn't even thinking about what dress I put on this morning and now found myself standing there with my little black dress that barely covered my ass.

"Oh my god!"  I pulled my dress down a little more, but that only made things worse.  "Now my tits are showing."

I watched the girl in the mirror try to 'fix' herself, but then realized she looked amazing and had nothing to hide.  "Wow Marie, you do look pretty amazing."

A light turned on in the store and that is when I saw them.  Just on the other side of the window was an incredible pair of boots.  I had never seen anything like them in my entire life.  My eyes started at the bottom and slowly made their way up, slowly taking them all in.  From the long heels and tight black leather going up past my knees, to the sexiest straps travelling all the way up the front of the boots ending with black lace which I was already imagining wrapped around my thighs.

"I want those,"  I whispered to myself and wrapped my hand around the doorknob without even realizing it.  "I need those boots."

"Hello?  Is anybody here?"  I asked once inside.  "I wanted to see the boots...by the window...Hello?"

"Ah, the boots."  I heard a female voice come from a dark hall in the back of the store.  "Go ahead...pull them out.  I think you will find they are a perfect fit."

Out of the darkness walked the woman behind the voice.  She was older than I expected.  Her age did not fit the voice I heard, but still she had a beauty about her that was unmistakable. 

"Hello, I was walking by...and heard, well I was admiring your boots by the window.  My name is Marie."  I pointed towards the front window with one hand while holding my other hand out to her.

She held my hand in between both her hands and looked me up and down for a minute before answering.  "Nice to meet you...Marie.  Please, take the boots.  Try them on.  See how they feel, but more importantly see how they make you feel."

She let my hand go and helped me pull the boots out from the display by the window.  I sat down on the only seat in the store and watched as she pulled up a little stool and sat down at my feet.

"Let me help you with these,"  she whispered and slipped my shoes off my feet. 

I sat there quietly while she slid the boots on and slowly pulled them up my legs and over my knees.  She didn't have any trouble at all getting them on me and soon had them strapped all around my legs.  I couldn't stop staring at the black lace wrapped tightly around my thighs and found my fingers tracing the elegant curves and every little shape of the lace.

"It feels amazing doesn't it?"  she asked once she was done.  "I still remember the first time I put these boots on.  I felt a fire inside I had never felt before.  You'll see...you'll feel it too."

"How much are they?"  I asked, half afraid to find out.

"They are yours already.  No cost...free.  I can see already they were made for you." 

"I can't take them.  This is too much,"  I began, but she stopped me before I got any further.

"Please, take them.  Make an old lady happy.  Besides, you and I share the same name.  It is fate that brought you to me today.  Please Marie, take them and enjoy them as much as I enjoyed them so many years ago."

I sat there speechless and finally managed to utter a simple thank you before she led me outside.  "Thank you so much...Marie.  They are beautiful."

"As are you,"  she whispered and shut the door behind me. 

I walked the remaining two blocks to the gallery and didn't seem to care anymore that I was running late.  I wasn't even in a hurry anymore.  I wasn't looking down at the sidewalk either, and was surprised to see everyone else wasn't walking past me as if I didn't exist.  Everyone was watching me...admiring me...smiling...greeting me.

"It must be the boots,"  I said to myself and stopped in front of the gallery.  "OK...I'm ready for Eve."

"Marie, It's about time you got here,"  I heard Eve start in on me before I even had both feet int he building.  "Thank god I found my keys and...and..."

She stuttered and stopped in front of me with her mouth still open.  "It sounds like you missed me Eve."  I smiled and walked past her to the counter.  "I'm here now, is there anything in particular you needed?"

"No...not really."  She walked to the counter where I stood on the other side putting away my things.  "Something is different about you Marie...very different.  What is it?"

"Nothing Eve.  I'm the same girl I've always been."  I walked across the room and flipped on all the lights in the gallery. 

"Where did you get that dress?"  Even walked up behind me, running her hand down my back.  "It looks amazing on you.  I never knew you had a body like...and that ass!"  She almost shouted as she lifted up my dress revealing nothing underneath.

"Hey now Eve, it's too early in the morning to get naked."  I pulled my dress back down and turned to face her.  I pulled her hands off my dress and felt her fingers wrap around mine.  "I was in a hurry this morning.  I threw on the first thing I could find.  I didn't even now I didn't...wasn't wearing any...panties."

"I like it,"  she whispered and stepped forward, almost falling into my arms.  "I mean the dress, not that you're not wearing any panties.  I mean I like that too, but...well, you know what I'm trying to say.  You look very...different."

"What do you think about this?"  I whispered to her, leaning into her a little closer, her fingers still in mine.  I moved her hand against my thighs and ran her fingers of the lace.  "I love the lace...wrapped around my soft...warm...thighs." 

I watched her lips slowly part as she took in each word I whispered while her fingers slide down my body and over the black lace of my boots.  She continued playing with the lace and moved her body against mine.

"You are very warm,"  her lips so close to my neck as she whispered to me.  "So warm...soft,"  she kept whispering while her fingers moved between my legs and began travelling up higher until her fingertips found my trimmed pussy beneath my dress.  "Hot...Marie...moist." 

I let Eve rest her body against mine as she slowly kissed my neck.  She kept her right hand tucked nicely beneath my dress and her fingertips rubbing gently against my pussy.  I felt my body relax in her arms as every inch of my body reacted to her touch.  I could feel it.  I could feel that fire the old lady at the boutique had talked about, and I didn't want it to stop.

Even as the limo pulled up in front of the gallery I didn't want Eve to stop.  I closed my eyes and let her lips kiss my neck over and over again.  Every kiss her soft lips left on my body made my pussy wet for her touch.  She slid one finger inside my tight wet lips and began fucking me nice and slow while she pulled her lips up to mine.

"Do you want me to stop Marie?"  she asked in a soft sexy voice I'd never heard leave her lips?"

"I don't Eve, but..."  I began but her lips interrupted me.

"No buts Marie...I don't want to stop either." 

"We have company Eve,"  I whispered to her and smiled at our guest standing just inside the doorway.  "I think your ten o'clock is here."

"Laurent!"  she shouted, startled at the interruption.  "I nearly forgot about...I lost track of..."

"It's OK Eve.  I can see you were otherwise occupied."  He took hold her her hand and kept his eyes on me as he pulled her hand up to his and kissed her hand, holding her hand up to his lips longer than usual.  "Just who is this girl that has taken you away from me?"

He left her and walked up to me.  "I don't believe we've met, I am Laurent Renard...and you are?"

I didn't answer but simply smiled back at this beautiful dark exotic man as he kissed my hand.  I had stood on the other side of that counter countless times and helped Laurent many times.  I had served him drinks and his guests drinks at his opening.  I had even helped him undress when he spilled wine on his shirt one evening, and yet he didn't know my name.

"You've met Marie, many times Laurent.  She does look...different today no?"  Eve returned to my side, her eyes again looking at me top to bottom, still trying to find what it was about me that had intrigued her so. 

"Marie?"  began Laurent with a new spark in his eye?  "This is no Marie that stood so shyly behind the counter hiding from me ever time I entered the room.  No no no...I refuse to believe this goddess in front of me now is Marie.  This must be...her twin sister!"

He held my hand up high as he walked around me, both of them admiring me head to toe now.  "Sorry to interrupt you both, but I am Marie and I think we have work to do.  Yes...now stop looking at me and let me show you to the back.  Your work arrived yesterday but I didn't dare unpack them until you were here."

"Yes.  Lets go see if they survived the trip.  Though I have to tell you I would much rather spend my day admiring you, but if you insist we work then let us work."  Laurent held my hand as I led him to the back room where lay several crates with his sculptures.

Eve handed him a crowbar and we stood there watching as he opened each create one at a time.  He pulled each statue out and placed them on a few tables we had laid out. 

"Laurent, you have outdone yourself.  Those look incredible."  I walked around admiring each of his creations until he had them all out.  Before me stood seven sculptures of men and women together and a variety of positions.  "Look at them...wow...these are very good...sexy."

Eve walked over to me and began running her fingers over the statue in front of me.  I watched as she ran her fingers slowly over ever little curve.  "Laurent, I wonder...have you ever made one of two women together?" 

Eve looked at me and smiled, her hand moving from the statue over to my body.  She moved behind me with her hand wrapping around my body.  "I would love to have one of these in my bedroom, especially if you had one of two women."

Laurent didn't answer, but Eve didn't seem to care.  Her attention had returned completely to me and she didn't seem to mind Laurent watching as her lips returned to mine and she picked up right where she had left off earlier.

"I can't stop myself Marie."  she whispered and again her fingers moved down my neck over my breasts.  "I can't keep my hands off of you for some reason...what are you doing to me?"

"Eve, it's all you."  I answered and felt my body quickly wake up to her touch.  She moved her hand down again and pulled my dress up, letting her fingers slip between my wet pussy again. 

"Why don't I help you Eve," I pulled my dress up over my shoulders and off my body.  I could feel Laurent's eyes on me as I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, letting Eve grab it and pull it off my body.

"Just look at you Marie,"  Eve whispered to me as she stared at my breasts resting in her hands.  "You look amazing...beautiful."

She moved in front of me and sat down on the table as she slid her arms around my waist.  She pulled me in closer and looked up at me and smiled as she wrapped her lips around my nipples.  I lay my arms on her shoulders and closed my eyes, enjoying her moist lips gently sucking my swollen nipples one at a time. 

I spread my legs a little more and stepped in closer, letting her fingers press against my pussy a little harder.  This time she slid two fingers inside me, sliding in and out between my wet lips. 

"You're so wet Marie...I love it."  Eve looked at me as she began fucking me a little faster. 

"I'm glad you like it, but I have a problem."  My hands began undressing Eve as I spoke.  "My hands are getting a little bored too."

Laurent was quickly behind me touching my body.  His hands ran down my back and slide between my cheeks, gently sliding up and down as he began kissing my neck from behind. 

"Mmmmm, I think someone else was getting bored too Eve."  I reached down behind me and grabbed Laurent's hand and pulled him around in front of me.  "Eve, can you show him where I like it?"

Laurent knelt down behind me and let Eve take his hand and push his fingers against my soaking wet pussy.  His lips kissed my ass over and over again every few seconds as he began fucking my pussy with his fingers.  I looked down and watched Eve hold his hand and guiding him in and out, faster and faster. 

Even pulled back and let Laurent take over on his own as she undressed herself in front of me.  She pulled her shirt off and slipped out of her skirt.  She lay back on the table and kept her eyes on me as she began touching herself.  She picked up her legs and spread them wide on the edge of the table and pushed her fingers inside her pussy. 

Laurent used one hand against my back to bend me over while he tried to push his face between my legs to get a taste.  In this position I had a perfect view of Eve's beautiful pink lips wrapped around her fingers. 

"Taste me Marie," Eve whispered and spread her lips with one hand.  She held her hand between her legs holding her lips spread, her fingertip gently rubbing her swollen clit.

"Gladly,"  I answered back and lay my head down against her body and let my tongue roll slowly over her clit. 

Laurent's tongue found my clit and began massaging my pussy faster and harder.  his hands wrapped around my boots tightly as he began pushing his face harder between my thighs. 

Each time Laurent shoved his face against my pussy, my mouth pushed harder against Eve's pussy.  I held two fingers against Eve's pussy and kept licking her clit while watching my fingers slowly enter her body.  I surprised myself even more when I watched my fingers disappear inside her pussy, rubbing her from the inside as I licked her clit faster. 

"Don't stop Marie,"  Eve's voice begged as her hips bucked beneath my lips.  "Keep fucking my pussy...Marie...you make me so wet."

Her voice made me want her that much more.  I moved my fingers faster inside her tight wet pussy.  Over and over again I fucked her while Laurent stood up behind me, his fingers taking over where his mouth left off.

I surrounded her swollen lips with my mouth and kept licking her clit, trying to keep my tongue pressed tight around her as her hips begun jumping wildly as she screamed out my name.

"Marie...don't...oh my god...don't stop."  Eve stared down at me as she came, soaking my lips. She pushed my head down and kept me tight against her wet body as she finished with my lips loving her sweet warm juices.

Just as I pulled my face up and smiled at Eve, licking my lips while she smiled down at me, I felt Laurent quickly grab my hips.  His hard cock slid between my legs and quickly found my throbbing pussy.  He wasted no time in shoving every inch of his cock inside me.

"Oh fuck...Eve...I mean Laurent,"  I moaned as I felt his cock spread my tight lips and begin pounding me from behind. 

Eve sat up and took my face in her hands and began kissing my lips.  She licked my tongue with hers, tasting her pussy in my mouth.  She kept kissing me and tasting me as I got fucked harder and harder.

I put my hands on the edge of the table to brace myself.  Eve slid off the table and knelt down in front of me, her face between my legs while Laurent fucked my pussy with his cock from behind.  I could feel Eve's hands grabbing my breasts...her lips kissing my belly...my thighs...her fingers playing with the lace around my boots again, then her tongue found my clit once more as Laurent's cock seemed to grow thicker...harder.

"Oh fuck,"  I moaned as the both worked on my body together.  "Amazing...what the..."  I felt my body get weaker...hotter.

I stood up a little and looked down just in time to see Eve take his cock and slide it in her mouth.  I could see his soaking wet cock slide inside her beautiful lips, no doubt giving her a taste of my pussy.  She pushed his cock back inside my pussy and continued licking my clit.

"Don't stop Eve...keep fucking me...both of you...dont' stop,"  I stuttered wildly as I felt this hunger inside me I didn't know I had.  I pushed back against his cock harder and harder, wanting every single inch inside my tight pussy.  "Fuck me harder Laurent...Fuck my pussy harder."

I reached down with one hand and pushed Eve's face tighter against my clit and kept her there.  "Almost,"  I moaned again and again, getting louder each time that word left my lips.  "Almost...almost...almost"

Laurent's hands tightened around my hips as he fucked me harder just as I'd asked for.  The wet sounds of his thick hard cock stretching my pussy against Eve's mouth was more than I could take.  I kept my hand against Eve's head and let her drink up my wet pussy as I came all over Laurent's cock, still fucking me good from behind.

"Don't stop Laurent," Eve said, her hands enjoying his balls in her face.  "Keep fucking her pussy...I want it...I want to watch you cum...cum in my mouth...cum all over my face."

Laurent pulled my ass harder against his body one more time as he slammed his cock inside me then quickly pulled out.  I looked down and watched Eve take his cock in her hand and begin stroking him fast and hard for a few seconds until he exploded in her hand.  I watched as she looked up at me with a smile...his cum shooting over her lips and her tongue.  Still she pushed and pulled on his hard wet cock and slid him inside her mouth and sucked him dry. 

Finally she let him go and sank down on the floor, with me soon falling down next to her.  Laurent walked his beautiful naked body to the bar and poured us each a drink.  I brushed Eve's hair away from her face and kissed her lips, not minding at all she was covered with Laurent's cum.  I licked his juices from her cheek, then her lips then kissed my beautiful Eve and felt her arms wrap around me.  We rolled around the floor for a few minutes still kissing each other...exploring each other still until Laurent knelt down next to us with two glasses in his hands.

"I think you two ladies could use a drink,"  He said and handed us the two glasses.  "A toast to the new Marie and the incredible Eve."

"I didn't even take my boots off,"  I laughed and watched as Eve's fingers began playing with the lace again.  "Maybe I should take them off now."

"No!"  they both yelled at the same time. 

"Keep them on Marie,"  Eve answered afterwards.  "They were made for you...just look at you."

"Maybe I'll never take them off then."

We somehow managed to get dressed and ended up going to lunch with Laurent.  We returned after a few hours only to close shop down early and lock the doors.  We headed down the road in his limo to check out his new condo downtown. 

"Wait...stop here!"  I yelled at the driver as I noticed we were about to pass the same alley I had stopped at just this morning.  "This is where..."  I began as the limo slowed down.  I looked down the alley expecting to see the sign again, but there was no sign.  There was no Boutique fétiche de Marie.  "Never mind...I must have been...confused."

We drove on into the city and to Laurent's apartment.  I couldn't believe just this morning I had expected this to be the worst day of my life.  In five years My alarm has always gone off without a hitch.  In five years I've never been even a minute late to work.  What was it she had told me when she gave me the boots?

"It was fate."

Copyright 2012 Damian Santiago

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