Thursday, October 11, 2012

Better with Age

This is one of the stories included in Blind Love available as e-book or paperback.  I hope you enjoy and comments are always welcome.

Years had passed since he had seen her. He had thought of calling her countless times, but thought it best not to hear her voice. The memories alone were difficult to ignore, and he knew that if he heard his name leaving her lips once more, he wouldn't be able to resist the temptation. He knew all too well how strong his appetite for her was, and how, no matter how often he was with her, he always wanted more. It was that hunger after all that got them both in trouble, and the reason that years had passed since they had last spoken.

As it turned out, fate was not done with them and it was only a matter of time before he was to run into her again. It was by complete accident one morning, when on a service call to a client's home, Eric found himself lost, making turn after turn until he ended up in a neighborhood he recognized. There he was, without even planning on it, parked in front of her house. He thought of pulling away before someone noticed him parked there, but his eyes scanned the windows for her face, and memories of them together quickly flooded his mind, until he felt he had no choice. Nothing could have made him drive away without seeing her again.

He didn’t know what would happen, or if she was even home. If she was home, would she even open the door? If she opened the door, would she want to see him again? All these questions and more flooded his thoughts as he took one step after the other, until at last he reached her front door. There he stood, motionless, for what seemed like an hour before knocking. He listened for a response but heard nothing, so he knocked again. Already doubting his actions, he thought of leaving and assuming she was not at home, when he heard a voice he quickly recognized as hers.

“Coming! I’m coming…give me a minute and I’ll be right there.”

There was no turning back now, and so, as he quickly tried to fix his hair and straighten out his collar, the door opened and there she stood. “Hello Darla,” he said as smoothly as possible. “I was in the neighborhood…and thought…well, maybe I didn’t think.”

“What…Why?” She paused after each word, obviously startled by his visit and not knowing what to say. “Sorry, you just… caught me by surprise. How are you?”

In that brief moment of confusion in which she had let her guard down, her fingers slipped from the edge of her robe, and it fell open. By the time she had realized it and covered herself, he had already caught a glimpse of her naked body underneath. He had seen her beautiful full breasts and soft tanned body. His eyes had glanced down to see no tan lines, and he wondered if she still tanned in the nude in her backyard.

“Wow,” he laughed nervously as she tied the belt tightly around her robe and blushed, “I guess I did catch you by surprise. I didn’t mean to startle you…if this is a bad time I can leave. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come…”

“It’s ok Eric. It’s fine, c’mon in. Now is actually a perfect time.” She held the door open and moved aside with a grin on her face. He walked in quickly as if afraid she would change her mind, but as the door shut behind them and she led him into the living room, he was already becoming a lot more relaxed. “Can I get you a drink? I have your favorite, unless that’s changed?”

“Actually Darla, I stopped drinking. I know it’s a tough one to believe, but I don’t feel the need like I used to.” He sat down on the couch and looked around. He had been here before, many times, but so much had changed. The carpet had been removed and replaced with a warm hardwood floor. The fireplace had been resurfaced with an elegant marble. He watched as she moved back and forth , pretending to be straightening her things up, but he knew she was as nervous as he was.

“How about you sit down across from me and tell me how have you been? There’s no reason for us to be nervous, we’re friends after all… right?” He reached out for her hand as he spoke, and she reluctantly accepted and let him lead her to the loveseat across from him. She could feel how strong the attraction still was between them, and neither one of them wanted to let go of the other.

“You know what,” he started without being able to stop himself. “I didn’t know what I was doing when I knocked on your door, but seeing you like this…now it’s clear. I have to just say it…just tell you.”

“Wait Eric…” Darla started, wanting to slow him down before they both got caught up in something they would later regret, but she couldn’t stop him.

With his hands still holding hers, he went on, “I have missed you Darla. I have tried to stop thinking about you, and even succeeded for a short time, but my memories of you are too strong. My memories of us are too strong to put aside and ignore. I can’t just forget, or pretend, what we had wasn’t real.”

He watched her face to gauge her reaction, but she said nothing. “I don’t know what I’m doing here, and I know it’s wrong, but I had to see you. I couldn’t let another ten years pass without seeing those beautiful hazel eyes staring back at me. I couldn’t let another day go by without seeing those soft lips of yours smiling back at me.” He leaned forward, closer to her, and kissed her before she could pull away. “I couldn’t go another minute without kissing you again.”

“Eric…we shouldn’t,” she whispered, but even as she said those words, she knew she didn’t mean them. Even as she pushed him back to his seat and let his hands go, she knew that would not be their only kiss that morning.

He knelt down in front of her and she let her hands wrap around his neck as she slid off the loveseat and knelt down with him. He could see that same look of longing in her eyes that he used to love. “You haven’t changed one bit,” he whispered with his lips almost touching hers. “You are more beautiful than I remember, and still as sexy as ever. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreamt of holding you like this.”

“Me too.” She finally broke down, letting the barrier she had built up over the years quickly fall away. “I’ve missed you too. I’ve thought about you also.” She couldn’t wait any longer, and again felt his lips against hers as her hands moved tighter against his body. Her hands wanted to explore the body of this man she had only thought of for so long now. As if both wanting to make sure they were not dreaming, they stopped and simply stared at each other, smiling.

He ran his fingers through her hair and allowed his fingertips to slide down the side of her face, enjoying the sensation of touching her once again. His hands slid down her neck while he kissed her lips again, and he felt her wet tongue sliding against his. He slipped her robe down over her shoulders and untied the belt, and soon her hands were working on his belt. They both moved as if in slow motion, enjoying every second they had together, somehow knowing this would be the last time they would be together, and both wanting it to last forever.

“You taste so good, Darla,” he whispered as they both stopped for a quick breath of air before locking their lips together again. They were enjoying their time together as if it was their first time. “I don’t want to ever stop.”

“Me neither,” she moaned, and pulled him in tighter while pulling his shirt off. They spent the next few minutes kneeling in front of each other like this, making out and exploring each other’s bodies, until they slowly stood up, and moved up against the wall. Their lips stayed glued to the others as their bodies tried to find the bedroom. They knocked over lamps as they moved from wall to wall, trying to make it to the bed without losing contact. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down as they fell into her bedroom, then onto her bed.

“Am I dreaming?” he whispered to her as he lay on his back, wearing nothing but his boxers. “I swear I’ve had this dream a hundred times since I saw you last.”

She slid up on top of him, now completely naked, and whispered in his ear,” Does this feel like a dream?” Her hands reached down and grabbed the base of his cock, as she slowly moved up and down on him. “Mmmm…you’re still as big as I remember. You feel very real to me.”

He looked down as she kept smiling at him, her body slowly moving down his body, laying kisses on his chest as she moved. He watched as she spread his legs open and positioned herself between them, her face inches from his throbbing dick. She teased the length of his cock with her fingernails, slowly gliding them up and down while she kissed all around softly, but avoiding kissing his cock. The head of his cock was wet already and she was enjoying rubbing the soft wet spot with her fingertips. As he watched, she held her wet finger to her lips and slowly licked the tip, then moved her finger between her lips, making that sexy soft purring noise that always drove him crazy.

“Damn, you look amazing Darla. How did I stay away for so long?” He reached down with his right hand and moved her hair aside. She moved her mouth closer to him, parted her lips, and then finally let the head of his cock disappear inside her mouth.

“I don’t know,” she said as she pulled him out for a second, only to slide more of him back into her mouth. She moved slowly up and down his cock while her hands stayed wrapped around his balls. Her fingers massaged him while she slid him deeper in her mouth, in a way only she could. It wasn’t long before he was enjoying her warm lips sliding down the end of his cock, and pressing hard against his balls. She held him deep in her throat for a few seconds before sliding completely off of him.

“Do you like that?” she asked and quickly did it again. “Did you miss that?”

“Again… please,” was all he could moan. “Keep doing that…don’t stop.”

She took her time, leaving every inch of his cock in her mouth for as long as she could, but soon he pulled her off of him. “I thought you didn’t want me to stop?” she smiled, as she moved back up and kissed him. “You know I always loved it when you came in my mouth.”

“Don’t worry, I plan on cumming in your mouth…and in other places before the day is over. You remember my favorite position, don’t you?”

“Which one?” she laughed. “You had so many!”

He moved her body around and grabbed her ass. He pulled her left leg over his face, and pulled her ass down directly onto his mouth. She knew what he wanted her to do next, and she didn’t waste any time moving back down towards his waiting dick. “Sixty Nine…of course I remember.”

His hands held her perfectly still over his mouth as his eyes took in the view. It had been so long since he had felt her tight little body in his hands like this. He held his tongue out and let her down gently, until the tip of his tongue gently parted her wet lips. He slid his tongue slowly between her lips, enjoying her warm sweet taste once again. He traced her lips with his tongue, and then stopped over her clit for a few seconds. He moved his hands a little and let his fingers spread her lips, allowing him to see her firm little clit coming out to play.

“This is what I’ve missed,” he moaned, before letting her down completely on his mouth. Finally he was eating her pussy, just as he’d done so many times before. He knew exactly how she liked it, and knew exactly when to slide his finger inside her pussy while he licked her. He knew when she moaned to hold his finger still. He knew when she rocked her hips that she wanted two fingers inside her, and so he obliged her. He knew when her lips tightened down around his cock, that she was ready to cum, and he couldn’t wait to taste her, and to feel her body vibrate almost on top of him as drank her juices in.

He kept fucking her pussy with his two fingers faster and faster. Her ass was tempting him and he wanted to let one finger slide up higher and squeeze inside her ass, but he waited. She was ready to cum…tightening around his fingers…her mouth squeezing his cock… he felt himself getting closer and closer to cumming inside her. He tried to hold it back but couldn’t, and soon he felt his cock shooting deep into her mouth. His hips moved involuntarily. He let her suck every drop as he seemed to cum more and more, but she kept her lips on him. Her moaning grew louder as she enjoyed letting him cum inside her, and soon her hips were grinding back and forth on his mouth. She leaned back on top of him and moved her hips faster and faster, while he buried his two fingers inside her tight pussy. His tongue pressed tighter against her clit and kept rolling around it faster and harder, until finally she stopped moving and screamed out his name. She pressed hard against his mouth as he kept licking her, sucking on her clit and letting her juices soak his face as she continued to move back and forth slowly on top of him for another few seconds.

“Oh my god, that was amazing Eric,” she said as she slid off of him and lay there next to him. She lay there with her head at his feet, and his head at hers. Her hands continued to touch his wet dick as it slowly softened, and his hands stayed cupped against her pussy as she spread her legs a little and let him play with her.

“Wow, that’s really all I can say, Darla. You definitely haven’t lost your touch…still as skilled as ever and still taste as good as ever.”

“And you still know how to drive me crazy. I think I’m going to take a shower now, care to join me?” She gave him a little smile and made sure to sway her hips back and forth as she made her way to the shower. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her body, and lay there admiring the curves he had missed for so long.

“I’m right behind you,” he whispered and felt his dick begin to rise again. “I do remember how fun our showers together were.”

Darla turned the lights off when she walked in so that the only light on in the shower was a small night light above the sink. She bent over the tub slowly, knowing he was standing behind her getting a good view of her ass. She let the water get hot before turning the shower on, and slid her fingers down between her legs while she waited. Eric stood behind her, enjoying the sight of her round ass in the air, pink lips still wet with her fingers sliding slowly between them. Just as he stepped forward and pressed his dick between her cheeks, grabbing her hips, she stepped into the shower.

“I thought you wanted a shower?” she teased. “That felt like you wanted something else.” She grabbed his now hard dick and pulled him into the shower with her. As soon as he stepped in, she pulled him closer and again felt his lips on hers as they kissed long and deep.

The fog soon became thick in the shower, as the two stood face to face beneath the showerhead. He moved behind her and found a bottle of shower gel. He poured some into his hands and began rubbing her body, starting with her shoulders. He massaged her shoulders for a few minutes as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the extra attention she was getting. He made sure to push his hips forward every now and then and let his dick slide smoothly between her cheeks, as his hands moved up and down her body.

He kissed her neck and gave her a few gentle bites, letting his hands move around to her breasts. He stayed there behind her for a few minutes and watched his fingers glide over her nipples. He always loved to feel her nipples get hard between his fingertips, and again found it a huge turn on. She moved her hips back and forth, with his cock growing harder and harder with each minute that passed.

“Do you remember the last time we took a shower together?” she asked while his lips continued kissing her neck from behind. “Do you remember me bending over to get the shampoo, and you stepped in behind me?”

“I do remember, but please, go on…what happened next?”

“Hmmm…let’s see. You asked me to stay bent over, and if I remember correctly, your fingers began playing with my ass.” She spread her legs a little in the shower and continued her story with her hips moving back and forth against his cock. “You slid your finger up and down against my pussy, then over my ass. You held your finger against my tight little ass, and then slowly slid inside me. Do you remember fucking my ass with your finger?”

“Definitely remember that…do you remember what we did next?” He was aching to bend her over there and then and fuck her ass again, but held his urge back as she continued to tease him with her words.

“Oh, I remember. Do you want me to tell you, or do you want to show me?” She bent over and braced her body with her hands on either side of the tub. She spread her legs as wide as she could and arched her back, so he had a perfect view of her ass. “Forget I asked, just show me.”

Eric slid his hands up and down her left cheek as he moved closer behind her. His fingers soon found her pussy waiting for him, and quickly slid his aching cock back inside her. He moved slowly at first, sliding every inch of his cock inside her wet pussy, and then slowly sliding all the way out. His finger moved down her back, between her cheeks, and gently pressed against her ass as he fucked her pussy slowly. He felt her body relax and take his finger in, so he gently pushed deeper inside her. He looked down to see his finger moving inside her tight ass while he continued to slowly fuck her pussy. She moaned and pushed back a little, letting him know she wanted more.

He slid his finger out, then pulled his dick up and held the tip against her ass. He held her hips and pulled her back as she took him in. He held still as she moved back against him, ever so slowly. She hadn’t had anyone inside her like this in ages, and was quickly remembering how much she enjoyed having him fill her like this. He held his hands against her cheeks, gently spreading them apart and watched her take more and more of his cock inside her ass.

“Is this what you remember?” he asked after a few minutes of slowly fucking her.

“Actually, it was more like this,” she laughed and pushed back faster, immediately taking every inch of him inside her. Feeling the last couple of inches slide deeper inside her ass was driving her wild, and soon she was moving her body back and forth, faster and faster. Eric held on tighter and tighter as he felt closer to exploding inside her. He could feel it getting stronger from his toes up throughout his entire body, until he couldn’t hold it back any longer.

“That’s it baby,” she moaned a few times. “Cum inside me…give it all to me.”

He was surprised at how quickly she had made him cum again. She let him stay inside her as he slowed down, but still kept sliding in and out. “You never cease to amaze me, Darla. You always surprise me in one way or the other, and this was a very good surprise.”

She turned around and hugged his body completely with hers, and with a smile whispered, “Finding you on my doorstep this morning was a very good surprise. Feeling you cum inside my ass was a fucking great surprise.”

“I love it when you talk dirty.” Eric kissed her a few more times before they both rinsed off and stepped out of the shower together. “Don’t bother getting dressed either; I think it’s your turn now, right?”

“Oh, we’re taking turns I see…I like that,” Darla giggled, and wrapped a towel around her body.

“Hmmm…what shall we do next?”

“Slow down there, you gotta give this girl some rest. You are wearing me out.” She lay down on the bed with the towel barely covering her body. He couldn’t resist the temptation to lie down next to her, and soon they were lying in bed, snuggled up close together. His fingers played with her hair for a while as they both just lay there silently, simply staring into each other’s eyes for a long while.

“I like your hair by the way…you cut it short, I like it.” He turned her head towards his and kissed her nice and soft, enjoying how close they were both feeling at that moment.

“Are you hungry?” she asked, making sure to finish her question before he jumped to the wrong conclusion. “Are you hungry for food? It’s getting late after all and I skipped breakfast. How about we have something delivered, or do you want to go out? No…we better have something delivered.”

“Yes, delivered. I don’t want to leave your side right now. I think I’ll just lay here next to you for a while and just stare at you. You’re so beautiful. I want to remember every detail about today…about you. This is a day I will never forget.”

“You did always have a way with words. You always knew what I was feeling, and knew exactly what to say, or do.” She kissed his cheek as he smiled at her words. They both lay there for a few moments in silence, before whispering again to each other.

“You know,” Eric hesitated for a moment as her eyes looked up at his, “I never stopped loving you.”

“I never stopped loving you either, and I’m so glad you decided to knock on my door this morning.”

“Me too.”
Copyright 2011 Damian Santiago


  1. I love this one!! The beginning pulled me in so deep...touched a secret place in my heart. Different people and places but the feelings were the same. I am a passionate, hopeless romantic! Very sensual but I need love with my lust...

    1. Thank you for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed it.